Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weak End? Well, Not Really.

(NOTE: The following thoughts may or may not make any sense. It's just some stuff I have to get out of my system because I don't have the effort to make them into coherent paragraphs. Yes, it's kinda like bowel movement.)

Alive and awake after my first real sleep since Wednesday night.

Good deed for the weekend: playing tour guide to friends from Sorsogon, Abra, Cagayan de Oro and Las Piñas.

Preferring coffee and donuts to an arcade videoke session means we're growing up, or at least maturing a bit.

Tulips are freaking expensive.

There's a fine line between being sarcastic and really meaning it, and people will usually get it wrong.

I'm surprised that this week and weekend have been alcohol-free, despite the batch meeting each other again after weeks of routine and extreme loneliness. No, sipping off JV's glass of that weird blue juice doesn't count.

Ballroom dancing, here I (and my partner, who people say I'm too tall for) come.

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Friday, November 10, 2006


Yes, GMA (the channel, not the president) made a boo-boo.

I love English language nitty-gritty typos, if only to point them out (possibly embarrassing some in the process, but what the heck, it's not any one person's happines that makes the world keep on turning anyway).

"Comm Arts ako e."

(Comm Arts-related angst rant ahead)

I remember a friend telling me that a teacher once told their class that they were always watching their English the moment they found out there were Comm Arts students present in their class.

And don't get me started on the term "nosebleed", the typical elbizen's favorite scapegoat for anything that seems too intimidating or sophisticated for the said elbizen's seeming "humility".
Heck, what does the world have against sophistication, whose closest synonym is "worldly-wise"? Heck, everybody has to display some form of sophistication sooner or later. (Like I said, don't get me started.)

Lastly, I remember another friend who was failing her Econ subjects. She told me that upon receiving the bad news, her parents told her:
"Haay, mag-Comm Arts ka na lang."
It still perturbs me to think that after twenty-one centuries, we still think the world revolves purely around Science.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006


The stars are absent
Blame the fluffy mists that cloud
The ebony night

Instead, redirect
Your gaze toward the white ball
Floating, glowing, full

Night's eye stares at us
Her beams mind-stimulating
Hence, world lunacy

If I could capture
Your beams and write them into
The paper I hold

Chronicle your face
Which has inspired thousands
For generations

But my thoughts are strays
Hundreds of fish in a lake
Always out of reach

By the time I have
Caught a moonbeam to write on
Time has but run out

When pen meets paper
Like sand passing through a sieve
The thoughts are all gone

I am left alone
With pen and paper in hand
A lost soul again

And as I look down
I let my tears soak into
The paper I hold

Tonight, I wanted
To write something worth reading
Tell me, have I failed?

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Love Is All Around Us...

And it kills me. Yes, exactly the way it kills Holden Caulfield.

Problem is, I'm not surrounded by phonies. In fact, I don't believe I could be surrounded by a truer bunch of people. Trouble is, that still doesn't do anything about the stated fact.

It doesn't really help when you've been reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez' "Love in the Time of Cholera" the entire afternoon and listening to your dad's playlist all evening (which has stuff from Air Supply to James Ingram to Teri de Sario to Whitney Houston to Zsa Zsa Padilla) before switching to your own (which currently seems to consist of nothing but Michael Learns to Rock and Panic! At the Disco) while typing this entry out. Thank God for "Pokemon: the Johto Journeys", the one thing I did today that wasn't connected in any way to the "L-word" (as Jessica Zafra lovingly calls it). Sucks though, with all the new Pokemon, I can't even guess the "Who's That Pokemon" part anymore. Oh, and DTRI Carabao Chocomilk that starts tasting like ice cream when you freeze it.

No, the breakup drama doesn't help either.

I've finally accepted that drama makes the world go 'round. At least it does in the world BA Communication Arts batch '05 has constructed.


(I promised myself I would write something tonight. Too bad it's still a bit too senti-dramatic for my taste.)

(God, I miss this blog's "glory days".)

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Writing Within Writing

In short, I installed a Chatbox.

Ph34r m4h 733+n355! Well, not really...

Look to the East...

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