Friday, June 29, 2007

every now and then, my frustrations on unlearning how to play the piano surface + l'esprit de l'escalier

Beautiful. Just beautiful. This Pianocian guy owns.

I'm obviously a sucker for Linkin Park songs played on piano. The fact that "Minutes to Midnight" sounds even more emo than their previous albums makes me want to cry.


L'esprit de L'escalier. It's that moment when you look back and suddenly realize that you just thought of the perfect thing to say, the only thing wrong being the fact that it's too late to go back and say it without looking like an idiot who suddenly realizes he has been overanalysing his current situation and he has been standing there and looking like an idiot the whole time all along so he hides under the staircase, away from the eyes of those who watched his idiocy unfold and thought he was being one with the universe when in reality he just thought he wanted to say something.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Because Delirium walks paths that not even Destiny can comprehend

(Those who didn't really understand the title, raise your hands and go read Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series.)

Your results:

You are The Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime. You are a brilliant mastermind but are criminally insane. You love to joke around while accomplishing the task at hand.

The Joker 81%

Poison Ivy 73%

Lex Luthor 70%

Dr. Doom 70%

Riddler 68%

Mr. Freeze 68%

Venom 67%

Dark Phoenix 66%

Mystique 65%

Apocalypse 57%

Magneto 56%

Two-Face 53%

Catwoman 52%

Green Goblin 45%

Juggernaut 45%

Kingpin 45%

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...

Figures, even Krista says I'm insane ("must read", promise). Dammit, that girl made a better birthday post about me than I did.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 8 was the spartan day I never got to write about + two years

So I slept at 3AM that morning, then woke up at 5AM so that I could ride along with my bros who already have school. On the way to Ateneo I starve, so I get a muffin, fries and Coke from the drive thru at McDo Katipunan. I proceed so scarf the food and the Coke down. As expected, lots of fastfood, too salty fries and ice-cold Coke in the morning proceed to give me one of the worst stomachaches I've had in a long time. But there's an errand we have to run for Ma first, and it involves waiting outside Seedling Bank's Philippine Horticulture Society Office for several minutes (blame it all on Filipino time and my preference for ten-minute advanced timepieces). After the errand and now pale with cold sweat, I proceed to Lola's house for a very successful throne session and to finish the week's worth of articles on their computer, WHICH HAS INTERNET. I go back to Katipunan and hang around with my bro, who is waiting for a spot in the secret computer shop behind Greenwich Katipunan so that he and his friends can engage in a DotA bonding session, while I watch the last episode of Heroes (which was such an annoyingly anticlimactic waste of twenty-two past episodes of amusingly unexpected plot twists) with a crappy headset that only plays into the right ear and a fifth grader who's playing Counterstrike on full speaker volume and shouting like some crazy German Unreal Tournament-playing kid everytime he gets a kill. I tell myself that I can't take any more of this, so I relocate to the neighborhood-friendlier (and much quieter) Hobby Haven down the highway. The lack of sleep takes over me while I'm trying the new Command and Conquer 3 out for the second time, so I take a nap on the mezzanine sofa. Then I remember that Mikey texted some time ago that the drinking session at his house was cancelled, which ultimately ruins my plan of leeching off their Internet so that I could register in SystemOne at 12MN. Unfortunately, my cellphone dies out, and the fact that Hobby Haven grants me use of the landline is eclipsed by a memory lapse. I proceed to hang around the place and play DotA (they wouldn't let me leave until we finished the game, which we won anyway), unknowingly skipping lunch and realizing that I have not had any food since the evil McDo breakfast, but it is 11PM and only McDo is open at this time, so I walk to McDo and back for another meal. It is already 1AM when I proceed to check how I and the others are doing with the SystemOne thing. The sight of eighteen units makes me so happy I don't give a crap about my morning schedule, which I am sure I will regret in the near future. Stuck in Katipunan with nowhere to sleep, I take my chances by trying to get a ride home at 3AM, the time an Antipolo-bound jeepney passes by Katipunan once around every thirty minutes, if ever one passes by. Luckily, a jeep does pass by after the said half-hour long wait. I get home, and remember that I only have a key to the gate, no key to the house, everybody's asleep, all the lights are out. It is 4AM, and only the dogs notice my silent entrance, even then their racket is not loud enough to rouse the house from it's dreams. My brain is formulating the Plan B of sleeping in the vacation house beside our house (which has a grill I could easily slip through) when I remember entering my house through the window of my room. I then proceed with what I can only describe as a "contortionist/akyat-bahay" maneuver, fitting my body through a 10 inch long, 11 inch wide square of metal. Finally, with dirty feet and legs and arms and torso and head, aching joints, two fastfood meals (both McDo) and only 2.5 hours of sleep so far, I take a quick shower and jump into bed, remembering that it is the Transformers Movie Toy Launch in Megamall tomorrow, something I just have to visit.

And thus did the day, which I could only describe as Spartan and which I could not write about until now because OUR INTERNET IS DOWN YET AGAIN, end.


By the way, this blog is now two years older than the time it started, and so am I.

Like what high school friend Jonathan texted me several days ago, "You're another year closer to death, congrats."

Funnily enough, what bothered me was not his message, but the fact that he didn't spell death with a capital D, one which I'm more used to seeing from him.

I'm not a teenager anymore. What's that supposed to mean?

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Schrödinger + Rant

Schrodinger's Headache

(I like paradoxes. See which ones you can spot here.)

Just a nice confuzzling jumble of a comic I thought of long ago. I've been wanting to post this here for some time now, if not for the evil, evil LOSS OF MY INTERNET interfering with literally everything I'm currently preoccupied with.

Just when I finally found a small part-time gig writing articles for a website.

Just when I finally felt like doing some research for writing a new batch of short stories for the coming school year.

Just when a friend finally found a way to play Guilty Gear XX #Reload online. OMFG 10FPS lag screw spamn00bs who cant FRC!!! LOL!!!111

Not a bad one-two with the evil, evil HD crash (see previous post), I've practically been knocked out. Because of this, I will not be posting as often as I want to for the time being.

I've said it a thousand times, so one more is probably not going to hurt: This sucks.

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