Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I like wandering.

Just yesterday I spent about two hours doing nothing but walking around the UPLB campus, just taking all the scenery in. After all, I really had nothing to do at the time: I didn't know anyone in my dorm yet, orientation was tomorrow, blah blah blah.

Walking around with no destination is a sort of meditative activity for me. With no goal to reach, a person has time to enjoy the walk itself, something people neglect often these days. I even remember purposely getting myself lost in the various alleyways of Greenhills once, just so I could just walk around for hours at a time and enjoy the freedom of not being bound by a time limit and a destination.

Call me weird, but I enjoy getting lost every now and then. It's in being lost that I get time to find myself.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

First post/Happy B-day to me!

Yay, I finally got up and made a blog, after months of procrastination due to an annoyingly slow internet connection.

Why do I want a blog, you ask?

Well, I... don't know, to be honest.

Maybe it's because I need an outlet of sorts, something with which I can record memories and thoughts with (writing in a notebook/pad is kinda old, and I tend to lose them anyway) .

Maybe I thought it would be good for me, being a communications-type student and all... well, maybe not.

Maybe it's because I thought it would be dramatic that if I did make a blog, I could put the first post up on my birthday, something like,

Est. Jun 13 2005 <--(Dramatic, no?)

Or maybe I'm just bored. Again.

Like I said, I don't know. Basta may blog na ako.


Wala lang.

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