Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kundren Bashflacks

So it's a Thursday night, and we're out looking for some place where we can get drunk, because Thursday night is the best time to get drunk in eLBi. Our eyes light up when we find a place that has drink-all-you-can beer for a hundred bucks. Our lot starts getting drunk, and we start talking about anything and everything on our minds. One of my friends pulls me aside and we start talking about each other's friends. As the phrase "small world" subtly implies itself over and over throughout our conversation, he then shifts to talking about her. He starts talking about how her being heartbroken makes it the ideal time to go for it, and even adds that he used to like her, but he sees more potential in me (alcohol blurs your senses and your memories, so when you attempt to recall your blurred sensory details the memory itself also gets blurred in the recollection process, and as a result you hardly remember anything if you remember anything at all, so I apologize if I cannot remember verbatim anything he said).

Flashback to the time I heard her closest friend tell me more or less the same things.

Flashback to the time she borrowed my glasses for part of an evening, telling me I looked better without them (something that, coincidentally, her closest friend told me too).

Flashback to the time I danced with her during one of the best nights of my life.

Flashback to the time she and her best friend invited me to share an apartment with them, which I declined because I liked my personalized dorm room.

Flashback to the time her barkada and I tried those Better Than Sex chocolate cakes in LB Square just to find out how good they really were.


Maybe I'm making too big a fuss about this, but screw it. Besides, you just finished reading the entire thing. *big grin*

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Because the Stupidest Questions Are Those Left Unasked,

Why do I feel like I should write something here?

Why do I feel like not writing, in spite of what I just wrote above?

Why do I bother?

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Question

When you spend what could possibly qualify as one of the best nights you've ever had dirty dancing with a girl who was probably one of the last people you'd expect to have a wild and go-for-it personality when your first impression of her was that she was the demure type when your life has been one demure romantic disaster after another and even after you've turned your lights off and went to bed and tried very hard to sleep but couldn't because you're just thinking about her and how you were having such a wonderful time with her just a few hours ago and when you finally slept for a measly four hours and woke up and started thinking about her again the moment you sit up and you feel like spending the forthcoming day just looking for a chance to talk to her because you suddenly like the feeling of being with her again, is that love?

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