Saturday, December 30, 2006

What Philosopy Do You Follow?

One of the cooler quizzes out there IMO. Never knew a term like Kantianism even existed.

In line with my previous summary of myself according to these curios, should I add "follower of Kant (since the term "Kantianist" apparently does not exist)" to the list?

Long live Immanuel!

You scored as Kantianism. Your life is guided by the ethical model of Kantianism: You seek to have consistent laws rule your actions, and your will is directed by reason.

"I do not, therefore, need any penetrating acuteness to see what I have to do in order that my volition be morally good. Inexperienced in the course of the world, incapable of being prepared for whatever might come to pass in it, I ask myself only: can you also will that your maxim become a universal law?"

--Immanuel Kant

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Justice (Fairness)


Strong Egoism








Divine Command




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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Diary of a Zombie Insomniac, Part VI

I wholeheartedly argee with Morrigan. I'll say it again, I like writing at night.

It's why I'm still up, despite the fact that there's going to be a Christmas Regalado family reunion of sorts later (after all, it IS almost 2 in the morning, at least according to the computer's clock, which I've never been able to synchronize with this Blogger's time zone thing. So there...) which I'll have to wake up early for (nothing sucks more than being woken up by your visitors, Albert Einstein hair, bad breath and all).

But I obviously don't feel like sleeping early tonight. I'm not excited at the fact that tomorrow is Christmas eve. And by the looks of what everyone has been saying/writing/texting in the past few days, nobody's been feeling the Christmas spirit either.

Maybe it's the pile of unbegun assignments beside my bed. The chick novel critique due on the first day of classes particularly worries me, as I still have no competent theory to back my thoughts on the book up. If anyone out there has a good idea on how to critique "Gal on the Go" by Sarah Matias (about this girl constantly denying the fact that she's in love with her high school friend despite the fact that everyone's telling her not to who eventually ends up with the guy - typical chick lit stuff), please let me know.

Maybe it's knowing that compared to the Fernando family (mother's side), the Regalado family (particularly my father and his kin) have a lot of issues among themselves, a lot of them following the death of the Regalado matriarch some years ago, making me wonder at how they actually were able to get together to agree at this party, though their attendance later is still within reasonable doubt.

Maybe everybody's just growing up to the reality that Christmas is so commercialized nowadays that it gets annoying sometimes. Like what Morrigan said, night was created for adults.

Maybe I'm just getting too paranoid about things.

Dammit, there are so many maybe pseudo-explanations as to why I (and the rest of the human populace, it seems) still don't feel the Christmas spirit despite it being Christmas eve running around my head to the tune of Up Dharma Down's "Maybe" it's driving me crazy.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Taken from The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu. The good thing is that you don't have to have any idea of who/what Cthulhu is to understand it (well, the metacomic part, at least).

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

What Clan Are You?

What Clan are you?

It's official: I miss L5R.

I miss the Scorpion Clan, the first (and arguably the most difficult) clan I played with.

I miss defeating opponents in the Scorpion's chosen method: slanderous politics and "conveniently"-timed ninja assassinations.

If there's one thing I kind of regret leaving behind for studying in eLBi, it would probably be this.

Dammit, I want a ninja deck.

On a brighter note, after many months, I've finally finished Marquez' "Love in the Time of Cholera". Annoying. Guess it shows just how depressing love became for me, since I couldn't (read: not "didn't want to", just "couldn't) read more than a few pages before I'd get too annoyed and put the book down. Chaba's right, we'd probably die if we read the whole thing again while depressed.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006


I've been putting writing off for some time now, thanks to a fluctuating internet connection, fluctuating electricity, and a fluctuating brain. Bear. With. Me.

Optimus Prime is a Dodge Ram, and Shockwave/Shockblast is a Mazda RX-8. I still can't believe that the first things I asked my mom for as pasalubong were... toys. Yes, toys. Cool-looking toys, but still toys. And just yesterday, I persuaded my bros to join me in accompanying our Dad to Big R and Sta. Lucia so that I could look at... you guessed it, toys. 'Cause I was getting kinda sick of having no bigger figure to stick our mini-con collection to. Too bad our prospects didn't have the mini-con pegs anymore, as they weren't available in the later versions. Now I'm regretting buying the pegged Hot Shot toy when it was still around (along with my regrets at not getting the rest of the Armada series mini-cons early on).

No matter how many times you listen to them, Billy Corgan and Tori Amos will still sound funny, even unintelligible at first listen. The only thing that can stop this phenomenon is finally giving up and looking for lyrics to their songs. Upon reading their lyrics though, you're just gonna love them more for their poetry.

Speaking of poetry, currently reading Aristotle's "Poetics" for Theater Communication class. Kinda vague if you know the works or Sophocles and Homer, which I, obviously, hardly know. All I know is that Oedipus is freaky.

Still can't get over the fact that some people are stupid enough to bring their unknowing girlfriends into the heart of a Slapshock-induced (read: wild and most probably addict-filled) mosh pit, only to spend the next few minutes futilely trying to push the human projectiles away from his feminine liability (I know, that sounded sexist, but it's true, and I'd rather be called sexist than a liar). No, it's not sweet at all, just stupid. Thinking that it's been a week or so since the event just makes it more stupid.

Everybody has written about how Reming gave the Philippines the big "Up yours!", so I guess I'll just skip that. Feel sorry for Isabel and KM (who live in Albay and Sorsogon, respectively) though. Trust me, I'm praying to anyone who listens up there in the heavens for you guys.

Aww, crap. Fluctuation.


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