Friday, December 11, 2009

Because I missed writing for the heck of it...

Amidst the information overload that is a Jeopardy episode (never mind if it is the Teen Tourmanent, where the questions are easy as hell), my mind is swimming with a hundred thousand thoughts: stories, both real and not, that I have neither time nor effort to place on paper, for reasons too stupid to rationalize. My thesis, a look at three contemporary Filipino marvelous realism novels, is, as always, at the forefront of my mind, but at the back of my fingers. It stifles me: nothing can escape, can come into existence, whether on paper on the binary. Anything that does manage to escape is turned random, into a senseless pile that appears not to deserve to be written in the first place.

Life is a meaningless cycle of food, movies and the Internet. I need to write, something that doesn't involve Transformers or my thesis. I need to get out of this before my parents get too pissed off at how the cycle has its grip on me.

No, photography, the Transformers forums and Facebook aren't helping.

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