Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Kanina, habang lumalakad ako patungong Umali Hall, may nadaanan akong batang sampaguita. Kumakanta siya ng, "Sakto... Ito ang gusto ko..."

Hanggang ngayon ay pinag-iisipan ko pa rin:


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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Be part of history pala, 'ha?

To put it short: RockElbi 2006 sucked.

I mean, why the hell would you put so much publicity into a concert, even postpone it, just to bring it all down in an ending so abrupt and so unexpected that people were hurling curses along with the bottles of mineral water and C2 at the stage, where crews were busily disassembling the instruments and sound system under the cover of total darkness. Right backstage, Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Kjwan, Kapatid, The Youth, Queso, Imago and Sugarfree were standing on numbing legs, waiting for a chance to entertain a crowd that never got to see them, the main reasons people got tickets to the "rock event of the year" that turned out to be nothing more than a disaster.

All that, just so that they could end at midnight. Because the chancellor told them to.

Bastards. You guys were lucky the crowd wasn't as rowdy as one might expect in a rock concert, or that night would have turned out to be a little more eventful than the organizers expected.

P. S. I'm just thankful that Urbandub (the reason why I didn't sell my ticket when I found out about the concert's postponing) was able to perform. They did, after all, come all the way from Cebu just for that gig. Would've sucked big time for them if they weren't able to perform.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cellphones will one day kill us.

Today, I learned that the source of one of the most harmful of the greenhouse gases comes from soldering irons, those things people use to stick circuitry together.

Therefore, putting into consideration the hundreds of soldering irons used everyday in your everyday cell phone stall, these little things may very well be the greatest threat to our lives.

The more soldering irons are used, the quicker our planet warms up.
The quicker our planet warms up, the quicker the melting of the polar ice caps.
The quicker the melting of our polar ice caps, the higher our sea level.
The higher our sea level, the more susceptible we are to tidal waves and floods.
The more susceptible we are to tidal waves and flash floods, the more people drown.
The more people drown, the lesser the people.
The lesser the people, the lesser the conflicts.
The lesser the conflicts, the lesser the wars.
The lesser the wars, the more world peace.

Say, maybe technology isn't so bad after all. After all, hasn't everybody been saying that all they want is world peace?

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Friday, February 10, 2006

People ARE more beautiful in the darkness (only for the eyes of those who understand...)

I thought I had lost my enthusiasm for you, and along with it, my enthusiasm for life.

But seeing your eyes in the dimly lit theater rekindled me.

You were never meant to play an angry lesbian. You are much too happy and too beautiful a woman for such a sad and hateful role.

But moving back into the flames brought the old problems back. Now I am once again sandwiched between this reality and the dimension of my fantasy where only the two of us exist unshackled by the chains our world holds us in, and where I exist only for you.

If you only knew, Giselle. If you only knew...

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