Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happen You Year?

Yes, it’s a new year,

But it drowned in the rain

The only explosion I hear

Is the pop of champagne

But still, the fizzy

Doesn’t go to my head

For although I feel dizzy

I’m still feeling a bit dead

Another year passed

And I’m still the same me

On the computer, on my ass

Writing bad poetry

The silence hurts my ears

I’m an emotional mess

But it’s finally here

So Happy New Year, I guess

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Verses for Random Christmassy Things

An almost last-ditch effort to get into the spirit of the season, since for some reason, Christmas isn't getting to me yet. Pardon these.

Rotund, polished, gleaming you,
Flashing the red of a fresh apple,
The green of a handful of basil leaves,
And the gold of sugared honey.
My joyous little ball,
A world unmarred by crack and crater,
Join your friends in orbit,
Around the wooden, iron or plastic galaxy.
Guided by a sun at its pinnacle,
You, ball, are the perfect planet,
A place in time where frowns do not exist,
Where, reflecting the hearts of those who stare at you,
You become the sons of your sun,
Radiating His spirit into those
Who gather for each others' warmth.

Sit still, and help us remember
The mystery of two milennia past,
When saints roamed the days
And angels guarded the nights.
When the dust was still
And the night glowed with its own warmth
You, king, hold your box well,
Do not forget who you present it to.
Please stay still, do not move,
And let the silence speak to us
Through your straining wooden limbs
Until we, too, are as still as you are
In our own re-enactment
Of your holy night
When stars will dance on our shoulders
As the darkness begins to glow once more

Sitting, you seduce me
As I count your numbered days
Until I shall finally tear it all off
And lay my eyes on your beauty.
O, angulous temptress,
I am consumed by imagining
What lies beneath your garments
And which thoughts brought your creation.
Your figure fills my mind,
Curious at the thought of stripping you bare,
Until the time comes at last,
When all the walls in my mind crumble
And I am free to ravage you
To the joy of everybody.

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