Monday, August 22, 2005

Diary of a Zombie Insomniac, Part II

I have a class at 8 AM. Only four more hours to go...

One would think I spend all my free time sleeping. Just so you know, I have been damned to walk the Earth in a state of semi-consciousness, never asleep and never awake. Screw coffee.

Funny. After my usual thirty-something minute ritual of repeatedly drifting in and out of consciousness ("The mind is willing but the flesh is atrophied"), my mental roulette ball finally stops at "Awake!" - not "Awake...", not "Awake.", not "Awake?". They all differ in the fact that - back to the point. I notice upon being "Awake!" that I've lost all sensation in my left arm, however little sensation there may be left in it. For a moment I thought my arm had broken off and I would have to walk to my classes clutching my severed arm with my right, morbid as that sounds. I had a hell of a time trying to brush my teeth and pull my pants up, needless to say. It's a good thing my arm made itself felt again at around 12 NN, just in time as I needed to draw some visual aides for my report later that afternoon. I have to stop sleeping sideways.

As not many of you will know, we zombies get really, really annoyed when one of our limbs breaks off. Sure, we look scarier at first, but there's nothing scary with hopping around on one leg all the time, eventually giving in to gravity and falling flat on your face and possibly dismembering yet another limb.

I have to stop writing now because I'm losing the sensation in my left leg, and I'm not sure if it's going to break off, or I've just been sitting on it for too long again.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Diary of a Zombie Insomniac, Part I

What the fuck am I doing at a computer shop at 5 o' clock in the morning!?

Oh yeah, I'm typing my due later (10 AM, to be exact) philosophy paper out. Ask a stupid question...

"An Analysis on Philosophical Analysis During Medieval and Renaissance Times". Nice, long title for the teacher. Gives the illusion that I actually spent time in researching for the damn subject.

Time. You never have enough of it these days. This from somebody who still has to get accustomed to three hours of sleep everyday. It's a good thing I wear glasses, makes the eyebags less noticeable.

Damn, I could have been a vampire. Instead, I'm this blank-stared zombie, day and night. Vampires are way cooler; they get to do all those feats of acrobatic prowess, plus they look great in black. All zombies do is move in that crappy stop-motion of theirs, until in comes a guy with a shotgun and pumps their undead faces full of lead, which makes me wonder: do zombies ever feel anything when all that shot hits them? Guess not. Seems to me all zombies are good for is bleeding all the way down into their second death, or whatever they call it.

Now all I have to do is post this in my blog and wait for a man with a loaded shotgun to find me.

... or maybe go look for some coff- nah. *yawn*

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Long Time No Post...

Title says it all. ü

No, I haven't been hibernating. Tell you the truth, medyo kulang pa nga ako sa tulog.

I've been busy working for the school paper. Wala lang, natrip. Mahirap nga lang magsulat kapag nagiging blank yung utak mo (which, BTW, is the reason why I'm writing in here instead of, say, finishing this annoying draft here beside me or doing homework or anything like that, for that matter).

Might as well post what I'm writing right now, since I can't really think of anything to say at the moment. Don't worry, it's a good read.


Kamakailan lamang ay marami akong naririnig tungkol sa tinatawag na “unlimited” load ng Smart, Sun at Globe. Nakakaintriga. Parang kahit anong bagay ay pwede nang gawing “unlimited” ngayong panahon.

Astig ang unlimited load, parang Bottomless Iced Tea at Eat-All-You-Can. Hindi siya mauubos, hanggang a) magsawa kang kumain/uminom/magtext, o b) maubusan ka ng panahon. Yun nga lang, kailangan may tantsa yung load mo. Dapat yung panahong may signal, marami kang kailangang i-text (na kailangang ka-network mo rin, baka biglang maglaho na lang nang basta-basta yang load mo), atbp.

Pinoy na Pinoy ang “unlimited”, talagang nababagay para sa ating mahilig naman talagang mag-text ng mag-text. Kung tutuusin naman kasi, hindi naman tayo babansagang “Text Capital of the World” para sa wala, ‘di ba?

Kung ito ang unang pagkakataon mong makarinig ng tungkol sa unlimited, ‘wag ka munang patalon-talon at pagsisigaw ng “Hallelujah!” Hindi perpekto ang teknolohiyang ito, lalo na daw sa Smart, ayon sa aking kaibigan.

Paano ba naman magpa-load ng “unlimited”?
1. Magpa-load
2. Magpa-register via text upang gawing “unlimited”
3. Magdasal na hindi dumating ang “Due to overwhelming response…” na text (pang Smart, hindi ko alam yung sa Globe)

Kung sakali ngang dumating ang text na yun, lagot ka. Sayang ang 30/60 piso mo (sa Globe lang yung may 15). Wala kang magagawa kundi subukan ulit. Nakakatulong ang laging pagbabago daw ng SIM card, sabi sa akin ng iba, mas madalas daw makalusot ang pagre-register.

Parang malaking pagpapakahirap para lang matikman ang konsepto ng walang hanggan, ‘di ba?

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