Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Free-verse Poetry is a Bored Writer's Refuge

This is my mood swing.

I like swinging on it, but no matter what I do it is always unpredictable.

Sometimes swinging on it makes me happy, sometimes it makes me sad, and sometimes it makes me want to kill myself.

As I listen to it's rusty chain squeak with each swing, I wonder: what will I feel this time?

One thing I never do with my swing, however, is let others push me. I always use my feet, I don't care if I don't reach that high.

And besides, I do, sometimes.

Sometimes my swing takes me high up into the heavens, where I look and see the faces of all the celestial beings, and I smile at them, because they make me happy.

There are other times, though, when I remain grounded, my stomping feet creating clouds of dust that mix with my spittle and tears of frustration and the curses I hurl at myself for not having the strength nor the patience to kick myself up as high as I want to.

But no matter what I do or do don't do with my swing, one thing is always be constant: my swing is always unpredictable. Everytime I sit on it, it will take me somewhere, even if that somewhere is still only the ground I stand on.

I love my swing.

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At 4:52 PM, Blogger xta said...

free verse is also the refuge of people who have way too much deadlines to beat and papers to pass (i am talking about the fil20 project!)

so this is the swing you were talking about.

if i have my own swing, i'm really wanting to get off it right now. there are certain things that i don't want to feel anything about, certain things that i want to stop caring about, but i keep on doing so. wah.

sorry for rambling. anyway, glad to see you're not that depressed anymore. :P

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Ocnarf said...

LOL. Like I said, mood swing.

Damn I'm way too corny...

At 1:23 PM, Blogger xta said...

...so you're quoting from the bible now? :)

sakit naman talaga ng mga manunulat ang magdrama at maging corny paminsan-minsan... ;p

am halfway through sophie's world... wish i got to read it before philo1 and sosc1... >.<


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